Funnelboosta Roadmap

FunnelBoosta is already the World’s most future-rich and easy-to-use personalized, regular and hybrid countdown deadline platform but we aren’t done yet.


We are building all-in-one platform that help you get more sales, leads, bookings and profit leveraging the powerful of scarcity marketing and personalized on-site messages, quizzes, surveys, exit intent pop-ups and sticky bar.


Check out our roadmap to see the break down and ETA


Use Case


Sendfox Integration

We’ll be integrating sendfox to FunnelnBoosta in addition to the 8 autoresponders we have integrated

2 to 3 Weeks

Regular and personalized on-site messages (text and video-based)

This feature helps you engage your visitors addressing them personally by their name using powerful dynamic text replacement features and boost your sales and leads

5 to 10 weeks

Regular and evergreen on-site quizzes and multi-step funnels

This allows you to easily create multi-step funnels and multi-choice quizzes so you can guide, segment, deliver highly personalized offers specific to the visitor’s interests and goals. You can use this feature to offer visitors specific product/service based on their answer


You can also use it to build hyper-responsive and buyers lists by prequalifying them before adding them to a specific segment based on their responses.

5 to 10 weeks

Regular and personalized on-site survey (text and video-based)

Create, personalize and launch engaging on-site surveys in minutes

5 to 10 weeks

Regular and personalized exit intent pop up (text and video-based)

Save abandoning visitors leaving your shopping cart.

5 to 10 weeks

Regular and personalized sticky/non-sticky banners

Offer visitors special regular or personalized discount coupons, or pass across important information about an upcoming sales promotion or event

5 to 10 weeks

Conditional logic

Show specific steps, pages or specific information based on previously selected buttons or website interaction

5 to 10 weeks

Triggers and targeting feature

Set triggers for your on-site messages, quizzes, surveys, lead forms, sticky/non-sticky banners and pop-ups and predefine when each appears depending on how users interact with your website.

5 to 10 weeks

Progress bars

Keep people engaged and progressing through each step in your survey with animated progress bars.

5 to 10 weeks